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Keith Locke on the Statutes Amendment Bill (No.2) – first reading

KEITH LOCKE (Green): I again add the Green Party’s congratulations to Mr Robertson’s promotio

Keith Locke on the Sentencing (Aggravating Factors) Amendment Bill – first...

KEITH LOCKE (Green): The Green Party will be supporting this bill to the select committee, an

Greens urge Police to reconsider chase policy

After the 16th Police chase-related death this year the Police must re-evaluate their criteria for pursuing offenders, Green Party Police spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

Keith Locke on the Courts and Criminal Matters Bill – second...

KEITH LOCKE (Green): The Courts and Criminal Matters Bill does

Appropriate compensation for victims: Keith’s speech at the committee stages of...

One of the problems with the Prisoners’ and Victims’ Claims (Expiry and Application Dates) Amendment Bill—and it is a problem with the Act that came into force under the last Government—is that it gives the impression that victims are getting serious financial compensation. In fact, they are not. It is just crumbs from the table for a few victims. The real question of proper compensation for all victims of crime is not addressed in this bill.

Sentencing and Parole Bill – Keith’s speeches In Committee

This bill will not reduce the incidence of violence in our prisons or society.

The future of civil liberties in New Zealand: Speech at the...

Keith discusses the erosion of civil liberties in recent legislation.

Investigating miscarriages of justice

Keith Locke speaks on the Scott Watson case and investigating miscarriages of justice.