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Are Chinese spies monitoring Fonterra and New Zealanders?

New Zealanders will be disturbed to learn that China has been conducting a massive spying operation on the online phone service Skype, and that one of the trigger phrases is ‘milk powder’, Green Party Human Rights Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

Intruder Alert: State snoopers in your computer

Green Party MP Keith Locke is concerned that the new Search and Seizure Powers Bill will further intrude on New Zealanders’ privacy. "Much of a person’s life is increasingly on their computer these days, so it is worrying that the bill provides more general powers to search computers, even by remote access or hacking," Mr Locke says.

Clark and Cosgrove must challenge Games web censorship

Green Party MP Keith Locke is asking the Government and New Zealand Olympic officials to challenge Beijing’s censorship of websites available to those visiting the Games. “Our officials can’t stay silent while China blatantly goes back on its pledge to allow those reporting the games free access to the internet,” Mr Locke, the Party’s Sports Spokesperson, says.

Big brother creeps closer

Green MP Keith Locke is warning of the dangers of the New Zealand police buying into the FBI-led 'Server in the Sky' network to share biometric and other information.

Greens call for inquiry, fresh laws on databases

The Green Party has called for Government to mount an inquiry into the privacy concerns about the oversight of public and private databases that contain information on New Zealand citizens, Green Party MP Keith Locke says.