NZ can do more to bring about peaceful, just world

Foreign Affairs Minister Phil Goff will be visiting Sri Lanka this month (4-5 March) to see the tsunami relief efforts first hand. He can be proud of the contribution New Zealanders have made there and in the other countries inundated on Boxing Day.

Repression is not an Olympic sport

When China made its bid for the 2008 Olympics, Chinese authorities promised improvements in human rights. Since then, the harsh methods used to prepare the country and Beijing for the games have actually made things worse. Find out what's going on and and why we should stand up for the human dignity the games are supposed to represent. Clark and Cosgrove must challenge Games web censorship Currie must stop discouraging free speech for athletes

Sitting MPs under surveillance by government agencies

It is good that the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security has confirmed that the all SIS files on sitting MPs have been closed.

Green antiwar stand welcomed

I have never had as many heartfelt messages of gratitude as I have for speaking out against our SAS troops going off to Afghanistan.

Defence at crossroads as Project Sirius looms

Pressure is on the Government to give the green light to a $445 million electronic upgrade for the Air Force Orions.

King Charles or a Kiwi President?

Pity the British Royal Family. A few centuries ago they could indulge their sexual peccadillos and eccentric pomposity in total privacy. Now what do we have? Tabloid journalists posing as footmen in Buckingham Palace.

Have POWs captured by NZers been mistreated by the US?

The redeployment of the SAS to Afghanistan will again put New Zealand troops in the midst of the 'War on Terror'. Everyone from Amnesty to the UN has been having a go over the mistreatment of prisoners. How clean are New Zealand's hands on this issue?

Support Reconstruction Not Destruction in Afghanistan

The Government has sent SAS troops back to Afghanistan, to a war commentators frequently describe as ‘unwinnable’.  Opinion polls in countries that are actively engaged in the war – such as Australia, Britain and Canada – show a majority in favour of withdrawing combat troops.  Going into Afghanistan now in a combat role is akin to deciding to send troops to Vietnam in late 1974.

Dialogue: Orions will be test of future air capability

KEITH LOCKE* says good elements of the Government's defence assessment are undermined by the ignoring of air combat issues.