Support Reconstruction Not Destruction in Afghanistan

The Government has sent SAS troops back to Afghanistan, to a war commentators frequently describe as ‘unwinnable’.  Opinion polls in countries that are actively engaged in the war – such as Australia, Britain and Canada – show a majority in favour of withdrawing combat troops.  Going into Afghanistan now in a combat role is akin to deciding to send troops to Vietnam in late 1974.

Dialogue: Orions will be test of future air capability

KEITH LOCKE* says good elements of the Government's defence assessment are undermined by the ignoring of air combat issues.

What is the Head of State Referenda Bill all about?

After a seven year wait, my Head of State Referenda Bill was finally pulled from the Member’s Ballot. This is my own private member’s bill. I hope to win enough support in Parliament to send it through for Select Committee consideration.  

‘Zaoui clause’ in hard-hearted bill will punish citizens and migrants

The Identity (Citizenship and Travel Documents) Bill may be rushed through Parliament before Christmas despite being panned by most submitters to the Government Administration Select Committee.

Don’t panic in the ‘war’ we can’t win

TERRORISM: Keith Locke says we should not meekly accede to over-the-top American edicts.

Pacific Tuna – Under Threat

Photo Abizer Pacific Big Eye and Yellowfin tuna are overfished by non-Pacific fishers and are now seriously threatened. Each year in the Pacific Foreign countries catch over 90% of tuna in the Pacific. This has a value of US $3 billion a year. Only $0.15 billion of this stays in Pacific mostly through processing. High tech large ships can catch as much fish in two days as a small Pacific nation can in a year. What can we do? Metiria and Keith are currently running a campaign to pressure the New Zealand Government to actively support and enable Pacific Island Nations. A copy of the petition can be downloaded from: www.greens.org.nz/conservation/tunapetition

Why Prince Charles Should not be King

Prince Charlie has a lot to commend him. He's quite a greenie, with his own organic garden &endash; and he's dead against GE foods. But he shouldn't be King of New Zealand.

Once the e-snoop starts, who guards snoopers?

14.12.2000 KEITH LOCKE* says serious privacy issues arise from proposed laws that would allow police to intercept e-mails. Legislation allowing police to intercept e-mails and hack into computers is before a parliamentary select committee.

Dialogue: Project Sirius is needless keeping up with Joneses

KEITH LOCKE says the planned $445 million upgrade of the Air Force's Orions is at odds with the country's new defence thinking.