Fairness at Work

The National Party announced at its Annual Conference what Russel Norman described as “setting employment relations in New Zealand back two decades”.  If passed the changes will take away workers' rights, remove protections, cut pay, reduce holidays and diminish access to sick leave.  The NZ Council of Trade Unions is leading a fightback against these proposals, and has the full support of the Green Party.  There will be lots to do - submissions to write, rallies and marches to attend, and industrial action to support – if we are to defeat these attacks on workers’ rights 

Sri Lanka: Govt Responds to Green MP’s call to take a stance

Last Thursday, Green MP Keith Locke called for New Zealand to take a stance on the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka. It took a week but the National-led Government has reacted.

China and Human Rights

A Summary of human rights abuses in China, including Tibet and Falun Gong.

Untangling Auckland’s Transport

To kick off our Transport campaign, an successful Transport Forum was held on 20th September.

The Way Ahead?

"When streets are for people, everyone wins" was the clear message from our recent transport forum on 2nd November.

Fact sheet on Government plans for e-mail snooping and computer hacking on the public

The Government has introduced a Supplementary Order Paper 85 (SOP 85) to the Crimes Amendment Bill (No 6). It is a first step towards allowing massive interception of electronic communications by our security and intelligence organisations.