NZ Should Not Buy into Trump’s tech war with China

The article below appeared on the Daily Blog on 2 September 2020 Most New Zealanders don’t trust Donald Trump. By and large they oppose his “America First” stance, which is making effective cooperation between nations very difficult.Why then are so many people fooled...

NZ shouldn’t be caught up in the US game over Huawei

By Keith Locke Why are we still looking to America first when it comes to our decisions on which countries to engage with, asks former MP Keith Locke. Britain’s decision to resist American pressure and let Huawei into its 5G network is embarrassing for New Zealand. Earlier our government had fallen into...

Keith Locke: US spy agency may be passing info on Kiwis to GCSB

The following opinion piece from me was published in the New Zealand Herald on 10 June 2013. It has now been established that the United States National Security Agency (NSA) has been systematically collecting the phone records of millions of Americans. A relevant question for New Zealanders is whether the NSA...

My Daily Blog posts on GCSB, domestic drones, political censorship and West Papua

To read some of my recent Daily Blog Posts go to: The blogs cover the GCSB controversy, the use of domestic drones, political censorship in NZ (on the dictates of the Chinese government) and the growing international support for the West Papuan cause.

Political spying challenged

Interviewed by Selwyn Manning on Triangle TV -  15 October 2012