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NZ Govt fiddles while Gaza burns

Green MP Keith Locke has criticised the New Zealand Government for its silence on the bombardment of Gaza. "While other governments work around the clock on the issue, ours has gone missing," said Mr Locke, Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson.

Green MP to attend tomorrow’s Wellington protest against Gaza war

Green MP Keith Locke will speak at a protest in Wellington tomorrow against Israel's military assault on Gaza.

NZ should give emergency aid to Gaza

Green MP Keith Locke is calling on the Government to give emergency aid to the people of Gaza. "We need to be part of the world response to the humanitarian catastrophe," said Mr Locke, Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson. "A big boost to our aid would show the people of Gaza that we care about their plight.

NZ should join world leaders to get Israel out of Gaza

In the wake of the Israel/Hamas ceasefire, Green MP Keith Locke wants New Zealand to follow the lead of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and speak out more strongly on the Gaza issue.

NZ should act on Sri Lankan humanitarian disaster: Greens

New Zealand should urge the Sri Lankan Government to allow aid agencies access to help civilians trapped by fighting in the country’s civil war, says the Green Party. 

Sri Lanka: Govt Responds to Green MP’s call to take a stance

Last Thursday, Green MP Keith Locke called for New Zealand to take a stance on the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka. It took a week but the National-led Government has reacted.

Close my file and stop snooping on MPs

Green Party MP Keith Locke wants an assurance that the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) will finally close the file on his life – after over five decades of unwarranted snooping – and pledge that it will cease monitoring the political activities of MPs.

PM needs to seek more answers from the SIS

Green Party MP Keith Locke says Prime Minister John Key needs to ask some more questions of the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) - given that he is the responsible Minister.

Security Intelligence Service —Files on Sitting MPs

5. KEITH LOCKE (Green) to the Minister in charge of the NZ Security Intelligence Service: How many current members of Parliament does the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service maintain personal files on?