Monthly Archives: October, 2007

Key declares ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Iraq

Green Party MP Keith Locke hopes that National Party leader John Key will be phoning President George Bush ASAP with Mr Key's good news that the war in Iraq is over, and that coalition forces can continue to withdraw their troops.

More support needed for Zimbabwean people

Green MP Keith Locke supported calls from visiting a Zimbabwean opposition politician, Sekai Holland, for greater humanitarian assistance.

Locke hails retention of open of access to BDM records

Green Party MP Keith Locke has praised the Government for dropping the much criticised restrictions on public access in the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Registration Amendment Bill.

Don’t forget democracy for Tonga at Pacific Island Forum

Green Party MP Keith Locke believes democracy should feature on the Pacific Island Forum agenda, and should include the situation in the host country, Tonga.

Greens urge caution on use of Terrorism Act

The Green Party is totally opposed to the use of violence and weapons, but is worried that reference to the Terrorism Suppression Act in the current situation is having a chilling effect on those involved in protest action.

General Debate – peaceful political action

I wish to address the issues raised by the police arrest of 17 people on arms charges and possibly further charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act. I wish first to say that the Green Party is t

Greens warn that innocent people will be barred from NZ

The use of a United States database for New Zealand's Advance Passenger Processing system raises serious concerns, the Green Party says.

Greens appeal to police to show more respect

The Green Party is shocked by stories of police heavy handedness when executing search warrants under the Terrorism Suppression Act.

Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill – 2nd Reading

This is an important debate, with the Police for the first time considering charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act against several New Zealanders. This has 'brought the debate home'.