Monthly Archives: April, 2007

Urgent Debate – on the report of Inquiry into Police Conduct

Madam SPEAKER: I have received letters from Keith Locke and Ron Mark seeking to debate under Standing Order 380 the release of the commission of inquiry report into police conduct.

War on poverty just as urgent as war on terrorism

Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Keith Locke has called on the Government to announce a clear timetable for how it plans to meet the UN target for development aid of .7 percent of GNI by 2015.

Major Events Management Bill (Anti-Streaking SOP) Speech

KEITH LOCKE (Green): The Green Party would like to speak on this motion, because I think that the Supplementary Order Paper it deals with — Supplementary Order Paper 106 — brings

Yadegary release a partial victory

Green Party Human Rights Spokesperson Keith Locke welcomed the release on bail of Thomas Yadegary, an Iranian who has been held for nearly two and half years without charge in Mt Eden jail, since being arrested on 1 November 2004.

Sedition laws belong in the dustbin of history

Green Party Human Rights Spokesperson MP Keith Locke today supported the call by Law Commission president Sir Geoffrey Palmer to scrap New Zealand laws on sedition.

Green MP salutes long time peace campaigner

Green MP Keith Locke is mourning the death of Nagasaki mayor, Iccho Ito, a long time campaigner for nuclear disarmament, who died this morning after being struck by an assassin's bullet last night.

Greens choose “rapid growth” track for public transport

Green Party MP Keith Locke, the Greens' Spokesperson on Auckland transport issues, has welcomed a report by officials on the future of Auckland's transport system, and strongly supports taking the "rapid growth" track for public transp

Urgent Debate – the Exclusion of Chinese Journalist Nick Wang

KEITH LOCKE (Green): I would like to commend the Speaker for taking so seriously the exclusion of an accredited parliamentary press gallery journalist, Nick Wang, from a photo opportunity on th

The Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill – Submissions Due

I am writing, as a Green MP, to inform you that the Terrorism Suppression Amendment (TSA) Bill is currently before the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee. The Committee is calling for submissions, which are due on May 18.