Monthly Archives: June, 2005

Prisoners’ and Victims’ Claims Bill

I rise on behalf of the Green Party to explain why we will be voting for this bill. I think at the heart of it is that we support human rights.

SAS commitment to US Afghan war will tarnish NZ

New Zealand human rights record will be further tarnished by the new SAS commitment to Afghanistan to fight alongside US forces, says Green MP Keith Locke.

NZ should offer refuge to Chinese defector: Locke

Green MP Keith Locke wants New Zealand to offer former Chinese diplomat, Chen Yonglin, asylum in New Zealand.

Question for Oral Answer: Foreign Aid – United Nations Target

Keith Locke to the Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Official Development Assistance): Does New Zealand have a timetable to meet the United Nations target of 0.7% of gross national income spent on foreign aid by 2015; if not, why not?

JustPeace #81

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Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill (no. 2)

This is a shameful bill that shows the inconsistency in the Government's talk about human rights. The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee is in the middle of a review of the Terrorism Supp

Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill (no. 2)

The Green Party would like to say at the outset that, of course, all the parties in the House are united to fight terrorism in the most effective way and we should have appropriate laws for that.

PM must challenge Musharraf over torture

The Prime Minister should challenge Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf over torture, honour killings, and disdain for democracy when she meets him tomorrow.

Greens committed to a tolerant diverse New Zealand

The Green Party's Human Rights Policy, launched at a special multi-ethnic event in Auckland today, outlines a vision where all people are treated fairly and equally.