Yearly Archives: 2004

Nauru: the Guantanamo Bay of the Pacific

Green MP Keith Locke is demanding the Government makes some effort to intervene in the tragedy unfolding on Nauru.

No holiday on Nauru

Green MP Keith Locke is asking the Labour government to stop dodging the hard moral question and to state publicly that it will accept some of the asylum-seekers interned on Nauru.

Planes no place for a shootout, say Greens

The Green Party is warning Air New Zealand and the government against being panicked into putting armed air marshals on planes.

No relief from US terror demands

The Greens are asking Air New Zealand to drop the lid on the latest US demand that air passengers be prevented from queuing to go to the toilet.


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Green MPs protest Star Wars link

The Green Party wants New Zealand to re-examine the use of the Harewood base at Christchurch airport for US supply flights to Pine Gap, in light of Australia buying into "Star Wars".

Spy report tells us nothing, says Locke

The Green Party has attacked the Annual Report of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), tabled today, as completely vacuous and a total failure in public accountability.

Government’s ‘terror list’ includes dead man

The Green Party has accused the government of gross incompetence for today issuing a list of suspected terrorists which includes at least one high profile terrorist suspect who was killed last October.

Government spinning dead men in their graves

Green MP Keith Locke accused the government of spinning its failure to realise it had named a dead man on its list of 20 alleged terrorists released yesterday.