Yearly Archives: 2002

Police quiz letter writer

Green Party police spokesperson Keith Locke wants the Minister of Police to explain why police are harassing people who write letters to the editor expressing views contrary to Government policy.

Threats, self-interest drive war policy

It is disturbing to find out that a combination of US threats and the Government's fixation with free trade have led to the commitment of SAS troops to Afghanistan, Green Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

Nuclear test threat demands immediate response

The New Zealand government should be wasting no time in telling the United States that any resumption of nuclear tests is unacceptable, Green Party Disarmament spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

Border security and fisheries protection shortchanged

Green Defence spokesperson Keith Locke is happy the Government is replacing the frigate Canterbury with a multipurpose ship and at least two patrol boats, but believes they should have spent more on boosting the navy's patrol capacity.

Gov’t should express concern over asylum seekers

New Zealand should express concern over the Australian Government's harsh and intransigent response to hunger striking asylum seekers, Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

Increase refugee quota now

Green Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke said today the Government should increase the refugee quota now, instead of waiting until after the next election to make a decision.

New Terrorism Spend Ignores Real Threats

Green MP Keith Locke is worried that much of the new funding for counter-terrorism is going to intelligence services.

Greens will fight English/Banks combo over motorway plans

Auckland Green MP Keith Locke says his party will be confronting National over its announced election policy of building more motorways in Auckland.

Counter-Terrorism Measures Undermine Our Civil Liberties

The Greens have grave concerns that the counter-terrorism measures mentioned in the Prime Minister's speech will do more to undermine our civil liberties than to catch terrorists. Our prime co