Yearly Archives: 1990

Motion in support of Palestinian parliamentarians

Motion calling for the immediate and unconditional release of the Palestinian Speaker Abdelaiziz El-Dweik, the Deputy Prime Minister Naser al-Shaer, and the other arrested Ministers and members of the Palestinian Parliament

JustTrade Campaign

The Green Party believes that fair, safe and environmentally sustainable trade has an important role to play in improving our standard of living and our quality of life.

Campaign to Stop the Search & Surveillance Bill National Day of Action Oct 9th

Join us as we are march down to the National Party HQ and on to the Wellington Police Station.

Keith Locke Speaking – Human Rights and the Olympics

Keith will be speaking at the opening of the Human Rights Olympics. This is an event run by Students for a free Tibet to raise awareness of Human Rights Issues in China. For more information contact

Ask the politicians event with Keith Locke

Auckland university political studies present 'Ask the politicians'. the question for this debate is: 'Has a universal student allowance ambushed tertiary policy debate?' Keith Locke will be representing the Green Party Conference Centre Lecture theatre, Room 423-342, 22 Symonds street

Geo-politics of Oil with Keith Locke

Keith Locke will be presenting his highly successful Geo-politics of oil talk at the Tivoli on Waiheke

Support Reconstruction Not Destruction in Afghanistan

The Government has sent SAS troops back to Afghanistan, to a war commentators frequently describe as ‘unwinnable’.  Opinion polls in countries that are actively engaged in the war – such as Australia, Britain and Canada – show a majority in favour of withdrawing combat troops.  Going into Afghanistan now in a combat role is akin to deciding to send troops to Vietnam in late 1974.

Your Privacy Under Threat: What’s Wrong with the Search & Surveillance Bill

On the third anniversary of the 2007 “Anti-Terrorism Raids, Keith Locke – Green MP is coming to Dunedin to deliver a speech on the Search and Surveillance Bill legislation which is currently being considered by the Justice and Electoral Select Committee. This Bill is concerning because it extends state search and surveillance powers beyond Police and intelligence age ncies to an array of other state agencies.

What is the Head of State Referenda Bill all about?

After a seven year wait, my Head of State Referenda Bill was finally pulled from the Member’s Ballot. This is my own private member’s bill. I hope to win enough support in Parliament to send it through for Select Committee consideration.