Will sanctions against Mugabe be followed by sanctions on Sharon?

Green Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Keith Locke has welcomed the Government decision to impose sanctions on the Mugabe regime, but wants to know whether sanctions against the Sharon Government will follow.

“So far Ariel Sharon has been deaf to appeals by world leaders to stop his attacks on Palestinian towns. It seems that some form of sanctions on Israel’s Government will be required,” said Mr Locke.

“New Zealand has taken a lead from European sanctions on Mugabe. It should also listen to European parliamentarians who voted last week for the suspension of the EU’s economic Association Agreement with Israel,” he said.

“For a start our Government could review any contracts with Israel that are in the pipeline, and tell the Sharon Government that they may not go ahead if his Government doesn’t take the path of peace.

“The Greens welcome Yasser Arafat’s strong statement against bomb attacks on innocent Israeli civilians and hope that hastens negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians,” said Mr Locke.