Support the Samoan and Tongan people

We are all mourning those who were tragically killed in Samoa and Tonga by Wednesday’s tsunami. The disaster has touched so many families in Samoa and Tonga and in the communities here.

Why do we all feel it so deeply? The answer lies within our hearts. The Kiwi Pasifika communities are more and more shaping our national identity. Whether we be Palangi, Maori or Pakifika people – and whether we live in Auckland, Apia or Nuku’alofa – we are part of a common family. We all weep together.

The Green candidate for Port Hills in last year’s electon, Joseph Burston (and his partner Nicky) narrowly escaped being swept away at Lalomanu village.  Another Green member fondly remembers staying in the village last year. He says he was  pleased the money he spent stayed in the village “and it was generally very simple and sweet. It really is paradise lost.”

Give generously to the many relief appeals.