Moving The Hobbit to Eastern Europe a solution worthy of Sauron

Actors Equity and Sir Peter Jackson need to start a dialogue to resolve issues regarding working conditions on the production of

The Hobbit,

Green Party

industrial relations spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

A meeting of New Zealand members of Actor’s Equity last evening urged the producers of Sir Peter Jackson’s latest film project

The Hobbit

to meet actors to discuss pay issues.

“Talks between the parties are clearly the next step and we hope the issues can be resolved quickly,” said Mr Locke.

“Any move by the producers to shift the production overseas will not only hurt New Zealand’s economy, it will likely also damage the brand that these movies are associated with.

“Shifting the production to Eastern Europe is the kind of solution that Sauron would think up,” said Mr Locke.

“We are all very proud of Sir Peter Jackson’s achievements and would like to see the Hobbit movies as successful as the

Lord of the Rings trilogy

and filmed in New Zealand


“A successful film industry in New Zealand needs to combine the skills of film makers like Sir Peter Jackson with the talents of actors satisfied that their working conditions are protected,” said Mr Locke.