Mosque vandals and UK bombers both target the innocent

The Greens totally condemn the vandalism of Auckland mosques last night, Human Right Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

“Those who vandalised the Auckland mosques last night were doing the same thing as the London bombers – targeting the innocent,” Mr Locke says.

“No grievance justifies such attacks against ordinary people, whether they be on a London bus or in an Auckland mosque.

“Whether the London bombings were carried out by Christians, Moslems or atheists is beside the point. They came out of extremist politics, not the tenets of any world religion. The London atrocities had nothing to do with the Islamic religion, which is a peaceful creed.

“All decent New Zealanders are appalled by the vandalism of the mosques and the threats that went with it.

“The ‘RIP’ daubings are particularly repugnant. We must unflinchingly support the Moslem people of New Zealand against such death threats. They must be very fearful today.

“Many in the Islamic community are recent migrants, who came here because they saw New Zealand as a haven of peace and tolerance. We now have to work hard to reassure them that this is so.

“Just as our hearts went out to the Jewish community when their graves were vandalised, so must we stand alongside the Islamic community when it is under attack,” Mr Locke says.