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  • Don’t make Zaoui the Guinea Pig

    was Keith Locke’s call to the Prime Minister on 25 November, now that she has opened the way to review the law which may be used to expel Algerian asylum seeker Ahmed Zaoui. “We shouldn’t use Mr Zaoui as a guinea pig, imprisoning him for a year, to test legislation for flaws. He has suffered enough, it’s obvious the Immigration Act breeches natural justice, let’s free him now and then overhaul this draconian legislation” said Keith.


    Keith’s Release


  • William Nessen Speaks and Shows Pictures of The Conflict in Aceh

    . The last two public meetings of American journalist Billy Nessen’s visit to NZ will be in

    Christchurch, Friday 28 November

    at the Trade Union Centre, 1st Floor, 199 Armagh Street and

    Whangarei, Tuesday 2 December

    7pm for public meeting (6pm for shared pot luck meal) at the Anglican Church Hall Lounge, 2A Kamo Road, Regent.

    If you can’t make the meetings but want to read what Billy as to say check out his article ‘

    On the Run in Aceh: With the guerrillas in Indonesia’s westernmost province


    Find out more about him and his tour of NZ at

    PMA — Billy Nessen


    And read about attacks on press freedom in Aceh below.


  • Media Under Attack in Aceh

    . On November 26 Human Rights Watch released a report detailing attacks on press freedom and on specific journalists, including Billy Nessen. Below is the press release released to couincide with the report. The report is

    Aceh Under Martial Law: Muzzling the Messengers: Attacks and Restrictions on the Media


    (New York, November 26, 2003) — The Indonesian government has blocked Indonesian and foreign correspondents from covering the military campaign in Aceh, where gross human rights violations are taking place, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Indonesia’s security forces and separatist guerrillas have intimidated journalists in the northwestern province.

    The 33-page report, ”

    Aceh Under Martial Law: Muzzling the Messengers: Attacks and Restrictions on the Media

    ,” documents violations of press freedom in Aceh after the Indonesian government on May 19 declared a state of military emergency in the province and renewed its war there against the armed, separatist Free Aceh Movement (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka, or GAM). On November 6 the government extended martial law in Aceh, due to expire November 19, for another six months.

    “Whenever the press has pulled away the shroud of secrecy around Aceh, it has exposed serious abuses,” said Saman Zia-Zarifi, deputy director of the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch. “As the government intensifies its military campaign, press access to Aceh becomes even more crucial for providing information on how civilians are surviving the war.”

    Reports from Aceh in June and July highlighted several instances of executions of civilians by the Indonesian military, widespread displacement of civilians, and a lack of basic necessities such as food, healthcare and access to education.

    Since martial law began, Indonesian security forces have verbally and physically intimidated journalists in Aceh. Military officials have also arbitrarily detained correspondents in the field. In one widely reported case, members of Indonesia