Joint Statement for Peaceful Resolution of the Korean Peninsula Nuclear Problem and for a Nuclear-Free World

We are citizens of Asia and the Pacific and members of the Greens. Our desire for peace and denuclearization is at a crisis!

The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution on 14 October to impose sanctions on North Korea in reaction to the nuclear test of October 9th. As a result, unavoidable tensions are rising on the Korean Peninsula and the people of North Korea are increasingly suffering.

Nevertheless, we are committed to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the peaceful resolution of the nuclear problem. We are agreed on the following:

First, we strongly denounce North Korea’s nuclear test. We oppose the use of nuclear weapons and nuclear tests, whether for military purposes or as a means of applying diplomatic pressure. This just threatens the peace and safety of the Korean Peninsula and encourages a nuclear arms race in North-East Asia and Worldwide. We believe that North Korea must give up its nuclear weapons program and carry out no more nuclear tests.

Second, we are firmly opposed to military action against North Korea and to the imposition by international society of economic sanctions which hurt ordinary North Korean citizens. The concerned nations including the United States, South Korea, China and Japan should adhere thoroughly to the principle of peaceful resolution of the Korean Peninsula nuclear problem. To achieve this, these countries should seek various negotiation measures, including the NK-US two-party talks, instead of coercive economic and/or military measures which could lead to unpredictable conflict and hurt ordinary North Korean citizens. It is clear that ‘the oppression policies’ of the United States are largely responsible for North Korea taking their hard line.

Third, we strongly denounce the nuclear powers for their double standard on nuclear weapons, and insist on multilateral disarmament.

We, Asia Pacific Greens friends, believe in the green values of ‘life’ and ‘peace’. We will work to lift the dark clouds of tension overspreading the Korean Peninsula and replace them with the rainbow of peace.