It’s about more than Sir Anand, Paul

Paul Henry still doesn’t seem to understand how his comments yesterday offended more than the Governor-General, Green Party human rights spokesperson Keith Locke said today.


presenter Paul Henry this morning apologised for the comments he made yesterday about Governor-General Anand Satyanand. Mr Henry said Sir Anand Satyanand

didn’t ‘look or sound like a real New Zealander’.

“It isn’t just a matter of apologising to the Governor-General. Mr Henry’s comments have seriously offended the Indian community within New Zealand,” said Mr Locke.

“Paul Henry was denigrating hundreds of thousands of our citizens who are not of European or Māori origin, and to him don’t ‘look’ like real New Zealanders.

“Whether the TV host intended it or not, his racist stereotyping of who is or isn’t a real New Zealander encourages discrimination in employment and other areas of New Zealand life.

“TVNZ should also rethink its stance. The state broadcaster should stop promoting its


programme as a platform for bigotry.

“That is the only meaning that can be taken out of TVNZ’s defence of Mr Henry yesterday when its spokesperson said, ‘[Mr Henry] is prepared to say the things we quietly think but are scared to say out loud’.”