Greens welcome rail line breakthrough in Auckland

The Green Party has welcomed the Auckland local bodies’ agreement with Tranz Rail to allow other operators to have access to the region’s railway lines.

“It’s wonderful news,” said Green MP Keith Locke, the party’s Auckland transport spokesperson.

“It gives the green light to an Auckland-wide rapid rail network, with bus feeder routes,” said Mr Locke.

The Green Party will be pushing the government to cover some of the $65 million fee being paid to Tranz Rail under the latest agreement.

“It would be a good signal, given an earlier government was at fault in giving Tranz Rail exclusive access to the rail lines.

“Further down the track we hope the state-owned Transfund will make a substantial contribution to developing Auckland’s rapid rail network.

“The city’s traffic congestion is a national disgrace,” said Mr Locke.

Keith Locke MP: 04 470 6710

Gina Dempster, Press secretary: 04 470 6723 or 021 1265 289

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