Greens support action on Zimbabwe

Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke is backing Prime Minister Helen Clark’s call for stronger action against the Mugabe regime.

“I support her bringing up the issue with Commonwealth leaders she meets at the Pacific Islands Forum meeting this weekend,” said Mr Locke. “In light of recent events, more leaders might be coming around to the view that Zimbabwe should be suspended from the Commonwealth until democracy is restored.”

Mr Locke also welcomed ACT deputy leader Ken Shirley’s call for New Zealand to accept refugees from Zimbabwe.

“This is quite a turnaround for a party that has been hostile to New Zealand taking in asylum seekers from places like Afghanistan.

“However, we hope that ACT’s new-found humanity is not motivated solely by the skin colour of the asylum seekers.

“Is ACT envisaging welcoming just white farmers to New Zealand, or will the much larger number of persecuted black Zimbabweans be equally welcome?” asked Mr Locke.