Greens oppose tolling on State Highway 20

The Green Party is voicing its opposition to Transit New Zealand’s proposal to toll the billion dollar plus State Highway 20 project.

“The tolling proposal is wrong-headed, impractical and legally untenable,” Keith Locke, the Party’s Spokesperson on Auckland Transport Issues, says.

“A State Highway 20 toll would not meet the test imposed by the Land Transport Management Act, that ‘there is a high degree of support from affected communities’. [Section 48 (1) (d) (ii)]

“The Waterview and Mt Albert communities are already in rebellion because the motorway would destroy houses and green space, particularly in the Oakley Creek.

“The Green Party will campaign inside and outside Parliament to stop the tolling. If there is going to be any levying of Aucklanders it should be to progress public transport, not a billion dollar plus motoway extension.

“Transit New Zealand have an uphill battle to get Aucklanders to accept tolling on State Highway 20. They are increasing waking up to the problems of climate change and the impending oil shortage. If we are going to future proof our city against these problems we clearly need to put priority on better public transport and promoting other alternatives to car travel,” Mr Locke says.