Don’t forget to tell us, Helen

Green MP Keith Locke is reminding the Prime Minister to let the New Zealand public know when our SAS contingent is finally pulled out of Afghanistan.

“I’m heartened that the Australian government has seen fit to bring its troops home,” said Keith Locke. “But then the Australians have always been more open about their activities than our leaders.

“This is the Government that didn’t tell us when the troops went, how many there were, where they’re based and what they’re doing in our name.

“Luckily, the Prime Minister’s ‘very, very, very’ good friends in Washington aren’t so shy. They’ve been more than willing to post details of our troops’ operations, location and casualties on web sites.

“Apparently, their assessment of the security risk involved is somewhat different from the PM’s. On second thoughts, Helen, don’t risk breaching security — I’ll just do a search on the ‘net.”