Bill gives us a chance to talk about our future

14 October 2009

The Head of State Referenda Bill – pulled today from the Parliamentary private members’ bill ballot – will hopefully spark a national debate on our constitutional future, said Green MP Keith Locke.

The Bill provides for a two stage referendum on whether we should retain a monarch as our head of state, or move to one of two options: a directly elected New Zealand head of state, or one selected by 75% of Parliament.

The Bill contains special provision for the Treaty of Waitangi. The Bill states that the Treaty in its application will continue as it did prior to

any change in the nature of our head of state.

“There is a growing mood that a local and democratically selected head of state is more appropriate for New Zealand in the 21st century,” said Mr Locke.

“I will be working with MPs from all parties to seek a majority in the House to send the Bill to Select Committee.”

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