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Keith Locke on the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill –...

Universities, and students in particular, are often the conscience of society

Toxic fumes tests needed for Auckland schools at risk

Auckland Green Party MP Keith Locke has called for urgent air quality testing of schools in Auckland areas already known to be at risk from high levels of toxic fumes.

Locke lends support to Paul Buchanan

Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Keith Locke is giving moral support to the sacked Auckland University lecturer Paul Buchanan.

State schools should be advancing religious tolerance

Green MP Keith Locke has concerns that Christian prayers in state school assemblies do not take account of the greater diversity in religious belief that is evident among New Zealanders today.

Police shouldn’t be helping breath-test school ball goers

Green Party Human Rights Spokesperson Keith Locke has criticised the Police for wasting resources on the objectionable breath-testing of students going to a school ball.

Education (School Boards of Trustees STV Option) Amendment Bill

Some members have been putting across that we are trying to force this voting system on schools, whereas the bill clearly states that it will be available to schools.

Ask the politicians event with Keith Locke

Auckland university political studies present 'Ask the politicians'. the question for this debate is: 'Has a universal student allowance ambushed tertiary policy debate?' Keith Locke will be representing the Green Party Conference Centre Lecture theatre, Room 423-342, 22 Symonds street

Keith Locke MP at UCSA Forum on Education

Open to the Public. All welcome