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Wikileaks gives impetus to Waihopai protest

It was good to be part of the protest outside the Waihopai spybase on Saturday. It is a bit out of the way, so the Read More

What unpopular US intelligence targets did Clark authorise?

David Keegan, the deputy US Ambassador in 2007, wrote in a cable that Helen Clark “has been willing to address [intelligence] targets of marginal benefit Read More

Is Waihopai helping the US spy on the UN?

The latest Wikileaks documents on US spying on the UN are going to make it harder for our government to justify the Waihopai spy station. Read More

Removing ‘claim of right’ dangerous

The government is a poor loser. It didn’t bother to appeal after it lost the ‘intentional damage’ case against the three men who pricked a Read More

Waihopai protesters asked for beer money

Talk about stupidity and vindictiveness. The Government Communications Security Bureau is claiming from the Waihopai Three protesters $256.38 for the beer drunk by workers repairing Read More

Popping the balloon of secrecy around Waihopai

Last weekend’s protest at Waihopai was the usual colourful affair. It began with a march through Blenheim, and speeches from Murray Horton, John Minto and Read More