Monthly Archives: November, 2007

Locke calls for current Terrorism Bill to be halted, reviewed

Green Party Human Rights Spokesperson Keith Locke is calling for the Government to withdraw the Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill, currently before Parliament, in the light of the forthcoming Law Commission review of the 2002 Terrorism Suppression

Locke wants Police to find, plug ‘terrorism’ leaks

Green Party MP Keith Locke has called on Police Commissioner Howard Broad to find and plug the leaks of evidence gathered to support the failed 'terrorism' charges, before leaks further jeopardize the chance of fair trials on alleged arms o

Crown Law Office should act on terrorism raid reporting

Green Party MP Keith Locke has called on the Crown Law Office to take action against the Dominion-Post over its decision to publish excerpts from police affidavits on the 'terrorism' raids.

Appropriation (Funding for Parliamentary Purposes) Bill

There is not really any alternative to this Appropriation (Continuation of Interim Meaning of Funding for Parliamentary Purposes) Bill if Parliament is to operate properly, particularly in the 3 month

Locke deeply concerned at new Police instructions on protest

Green MP Keith Locke today expressed concern that newly released Police instructions curtail the right to legitimate protest.

Locke makes Taser complaint under UN Torture Convention

Green Party Police Spokesperson Keith Locke is asking the Police Complaints Authority to consider whether the introduction of the Taser stun gun would be contrary to New Zealand's commitments under the UN Convention Against Torture.