Presidential candidate’s release welcomed by NZ Greens

Reports that Colombian Green Party politician Ingrid Betancourt, along with three American citizens, has been rescued from FARC militia after six years in captivity have been greeted with enthusiasm by the New Zealand Green Party.

Ms Betancourt was the presidential candidate for the Colombian Green Party in 2002.

Green Party MP Keith Locke says that Betancourt’s release after six years in captivity is wonderful news.

“The thoughts of all New Zealand Green members and supporters have been with Ingrid and her family over the last six years. We are delighted that she is free at last.

“I wish Ingrid a speedy recovery from her years in the Colombian jungle, and my good wishes to her family and children, whose own lives have no doubt been on hold, waiting for this moment.

“Ingrid was made honorary president of the Global Greens at a conference two months ago in Sao Paulo, which I attended on behalf of the NZ Greens. I have no doubt that all the members of the Global Green movement are sending their thoughts and best wishes to Ingrid and her family.

“This is a wonderful outcome to a terrible and prolonged situation.”