It takes a tragedy to shed light on SAS role

The Green Party has expressed its sorrow over the wounding of three SAS soldiers in Afghanistan.

“We extend our sympathies to the wounded servicemen and to their families,” said Keith Locke.

“We hope this sad event will help the government to reconsider whether our troops should remain in Afghanistan.

“New Zealand casualties are now being added to those of many thousands of innocent Afghan civilians in this largely secret war.

“The government should tell us what is really going on.

“It is a very sad irony that it takes an tragedy like this to get any information at all about what our troops are doing in Afghanistan.

“The Government has steadfastly and unreasonably refused to divulge any information about what the SAS is doing in our name. In fact, U.S. web-sites contain more information about their activities than our Government is willing to trust us with.

“The government also now has to justify why we are endangering SAS soldiers by keeping them in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban forces were defeated a long time ago. What Afghanistan needs now is help rebuilding the country and ridding it of those mines that have now cost New Zealanders so dearly.”

“Getting a free-trade agreement with the U.S. is no reason to risk the life and limb of New Zealand soldiers,” said Mr Locke.