Inquiry welcome, but what about the rest of NZ?

News that an inquiry has been launched into police culture in South Auckland is great, but the rest of New Zealand should also be included, Green Police Spokesman Keith Locke says.

The inquiry, launched after evidence of abusive and humiliating police tactics were revealed at the trial of South Auckland Police officer Senior Sergeant Anthony Solomona, was good news, Mr Locke said.

During Solomona’s trial for assaulting a 17-year-old, it was revealed that police had a wider culture of humiliating prisoners and photographing them wearing demeaning signs.

The practise was confirmed by another officer, Sergeant John Nelson, who said taking photographs of prisoners being humiliated occurred in police stations throughout the country.

“Given what Sergeant Nelson it seems that it’s not just a problem in South Auckland. I would like to see other areas also subjected scrutiny,” Mr Locke said.