Greens salute bravery of Corporal Apiata VC

The Green Party supported the motion in Parliament today to salute the bravery of Corporal Willy Apiata, and his receipt of the Victoria Cross.

“We were happy to join other parties in the House in offering our congratulations to Corporal Willy Apiata,” said Green Party Defence spokesperson, Keith Locke.

“We think Corporal Apiata and his family will welcome the cross-party support, even though the Green Party did not support the commitment of SAS troops to Afghanistan,” Mr Locke says.

” The Greens still regard the American-led war in the south of Afghanistan as being fought with too little regard to civilian casualties. It has been a largely counterproductive conflict that is contributing most unfortunately, to a resurrection of the despicable Taliban.

“However, the Greens do not see our criticism of the Afghan war as detracting in any way from our recognition of the bravery of Corporal Apiata.

“Corporal Apiata is a credit to New Zealand, and to Maoridom. He carried out his duties to his unit with great heroism in the best tradition of Kiwi soldiers. We salute him, ” Mr Locke says.