Greens raise a glass to mourn last clean water

Auckland Green MP Keith Locke and a number of Green candidates will today raise a glass to mourn the passing of Auckland’s own clean water system.

A gathering of Greens will set up a table outside Watercare’s head office in the ASB Bank building, cnrs Albert and Wellesley Streets, at 2pm this afternoon to mark the passing of Auckland’s water supply with the activation of the Waikato Pipeline – probably today.

Candidates will have a commemorative ceremony to mark the last clean water coming through Auckland’s supply.

“The Greens have long been campaigning against forcing Aucklanders to drink Waikato River water.

“We may not be able to stop this water from coming on line now, but after the election we hope to have enough MPs to legislate a ‘best water first’ management system for local bodies,” said Mr Locke.

“The Greens support the use of water from the Waikato River only in emergencies or for industrial use only.”

Mr Locke said it was disappointing that Watercare has ignored the views of most Auckland councils that Waikato water should be used only as a last resort.

Mr Locke said the Attorney General Margaret Wilson should take out an injunction against the activation of the Waikato Pipeline.

“The governance structure for water is simply not working and the Greens will continue to raise and revisit this issue in the next parliament. It is basic common sense to use the purer water to start with when you can. The clouds have been opening over Auckland for the last four weeks and the reservoirs are high.

“There is no need to have Waikato water.

“We are soon to be in the bizarre situation whereby Aucklanders will be drinking water from one of the most polluted waterways in the country even when the damns in the Waitakeres and Hunuas are overflowing.”