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Libyans join hands with the people of Christchurch

At lunchtime today I joined a group of Libyans in Wellington’s Midland Park. They were calling for an end to the cruel Gaddafi regime.

What about foreign affairs? Keith Locke debates the Prime Minister’s Statement

KEITH LOCKE (Green): I want to speak on something that was missing from the Prime Minister’s

Mubarak goes, but Egyptian Democrats still need NZ support

The Green Party has welcomed the departure of Egypt’s dictator Hosni Mubarak, but says New Zealand should remain engaged to help ensure the transition to democracy.

Keith Locke questions the Government on their response to the Egyptian...

Egypt, Protests—Government’s Position

Keith Locke’s written questions on the Nobel Peace Prize and China

Keith Locke to the Minister of Foreign Affairs:

Keith Locke to the Prime Minister about Nobel Peace Prize winner...

KEITH LOCKE (Green) to the Prime Minister: Will he follow the example of world leaders Barack Obama and Angela Merkel and congratulate the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo; if not, why not?

Keith Locke on Military Manoeuvres Act Repeal Bill

She was on her morning walk and was very surprised to see camouflaged troops emerging from the shrubbery and then loud explosions. She and her neighbours were very upset that they had not been informed that the military was performing there. Perhaps the military thought this Act was still operational.

Protect the Police by cracking down on gun registration

The Government should resist pressure from the Police Association to arm frontline police officers, Green Party Police spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

Greens oppose extending SAS commitment to Afghanistan

New Zealand should not extend its commitment of SAS forces to Afghanistan beyond the planned end date in 2011,  Green Party Defence spokesperson Keith Locke said today.