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Greens welcome 20th anniversary, warn against complacency

The Green Party is celebrating the 20th anniversary of New Zealand's Nuclear Free Legislation, but says there is still a lot to do.

Govt must protest Howard’s license to piracy

Green MP Keith Locke is calling on the Government to protest strongly against John Howard's proposed Maritime Identification Zone, which could legitimise piracy on the high seas.

Goff goes soft on Aussie maritime meddling

Foreign Affairs Minister Phil Goff's attempt to justify the new 1000-nautical-mile Australian Maritime Interdiction Zone is unconvincing, the Green Party says.

Fisheries (Foreign Fishing Crew) Amendment Bill

KEITH LOCKE (Green): The Green Party will be voting for this stage of the bill, as it has for the previous stages of the bill.

New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Extension Bill

The Greens have been attacked for bringing this bill forward because it is supposedly against international law.

Pacific Tuna – Under Threat

Photo Abizer Pacific Big Eye and Yellowfin tuna are overfished by non-Pacific fishers and are now seriously threatened. Each year in the Pacific Foreign countries catch over 90% of tuna in the Pacific. This has a value of US $3 billion a year. Only $0.15 billion of this stays in Pacific mostly through processing. High tech large ships can catch as much fish in two days as a small Pacific nation can in a year. What can we do? Metiria and Keith are currently running a campaign to pressure the New Zealand Government to actively support and enable Pacific Island Nations. A copy of the petition can be downloaded from: www.greens.org.nz/conservation/tunapetition