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More information needed on spy story

It’s good that the PM finally backed down on his position that he couldn’t say anything about whether Mossad spies had been operating in New Read More

Key lets down the Egyptian people

Most New Zealanders have been inspired by the huge mobilisation of Egyptians against the Mubarak dictatorship. “Mubarak must go now” has been the cry from Read More

Refugees won’t be booking cruise liners to NZ

John Key made millions by trading currencies, but he doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of business principles when it comes to the economics of boat people coming to New Zealand.

Bring the SAS home

When John Key was in Afghanistan he flew a kite about extending the SAS mission there beyond the middle of next year. He’d be wise Read More

Bring SAS troops home from Afghanistan!

It’s good that New Zealand won’t be sending any more troops to Afghanistan. However, that’s not because John Key has just seen the light. With Read More

Time for debate in NZ on discriminatory royal succession rules

Britain’s current dilemma over the discriminatory nature of royal succession will hopefully stimulate a similar debate in New Zealand. The timing is good, now that my Head of State Referenda Bill - to see whether Kiwis want to stay with the monarchy - has been picked from the Private Member’s Bill Ballot.