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Mapp’s reassurances on torture fall short

It’s not good enough for Defence Minister Wayne Mapp to say he has “no information” that any of the 58 people arrested on the SAS’s Read More

What Taliban hotel attack says about NZ military involvement

It will be a difficult time for the families of NZSAS soldiers injured in Afghanistan and my sympathy goes out to them as they wait Read More

Cyberwarfare a dangerous path

I see that “cybersecurity” one of the agenda items in this week’s tete-a-tete between Foreign Minister Murray McCully, Defence Minister Wayne Mapp and their UK Read More

Why NZ sent army engineers to Iraq in 2003

There has been outrage from Helen Clark, Phil Goff and Jim Anderton over a claim by a US Embassy official (in the Wikileaks documents) that: Read More

At long last, a bit more openness about the SAS

I’ve welcomed the government’s move to let us know something about what the SAS is doing in Afghanistan. For eight years we’ve had to rely Read More

Bearded Apiata on NZ Army website

There are two (related) debates raging following the decision of the Herald and other newpapers to publish the photo of VC winner Willie Apiata on Read More