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Green Party MP calls for new oath of allegiance

Green Party MP Keith Locke wants to see a Republican-friendly oath of allegiance in time for the next swearing-in of Parliament.

Why Prince Charles Should not be King

Prince Charlie has a lot to commend him. He's quite a greenie, with his own organic garden &endash; and he's dead against GE foods. But he shouldn't be King of New Zealand.

Head of State Referenda Bill text

This bill provides for the holding of 2 referenda on proposals to reconsider the matter of New Zealand's head of State.

Imprisoned refugee inhumanely treated

The treatment of Algerian refugee Ahmed Zaoui is a blot on the Government's record. He remains in solitary confinement in Paremoremo prison 10 months after he arrived here seeking asylum.

“Politician of the Year” Award for Keith Locke

Last week political commentator Chris Trotter nominated our Auckland MP Keith Locke his

Backbencher of the Year

In its wrap up for the year the NEW ZEALAND HERALD named Auckland Green MP Keith Locke