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Australian Green election result

I was lucky enough to visit Melbourne last week to check out a very impressive Green campaign. There were Green signs everywhere reading “This time Read More

An open letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Secretary Clinton, The Green Party welcomes you to New Zealand. We are pleased that your administration is engaging with world problems in a more Read More

Bring SAS troops home from Afghanistan!

It’s good that New Zealand won’t be sending any more troops to Afghanistan. However, that’s not because John Key has just seen the light. With Read More

Secret agreement for SAS on Afghan prisoners?

According to Jon Stephenson in this morning’s Sunday Star-Times the SAS soldiers realise they are in for a tougher time in Afghanistan this time around. Read More

Sex Bomb, Sex bomb

Just in case anyone thinks the Greens were letting some hard core sex offenders run riot by voting against yesterday’s sex offender law amendment, here Read More