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Laid-off defence staff need special consideration

The Defence Force has put an overly positive spin on the laying off of 308 members of the armed forces whose jobs are being “civilianized”. Read More

Greens reject use of fire at will law for parliamentary staff

Both the Greens and Labour have said they won’t allow National’s 90-day probation law to be used against any of the staff they employ. Unfortunately Read More

‘Together’ an innovative new union launched

An innovative new type of union organisation was launched today, known as ‘Together’. The new union is designed to allow thousands of otherwise isolated workers to Read More

Workers’ Memorial Day

Workplaces are safer when workers and their unions feel confident to address safety issues, and this has not been helped by the National government’s industrial legislation.

Join the campaign for fairness at work

Now that the frivolity of the morning is over, I want to take the opportunity to remind Frogblog readers that today the Government’s new industrial Read More

Govt needs to wake up to sleepover case

It is great news that the Government has agreed to enter into negotiations with disability support workers and their unions.

New approach to minimum wage needed

The procedure for increasing the minimum wage is all wrong. Those on it never know when it might be increased or by how much. It is at the whim of the government of the day. And the National government is quite scrooge-like.

Hobbit fallout mustn’t affect workers’ rights

The dispute over the Hobbit shouldn’t be used to attack workers' rights. Earlier this morning Gerry Brownlee spoke about ‘clarifying’ employment laws.

Hobbit debate moving into the realms of fantasy

In the spirit of the film itself, the Hobbit debate is moving into the realms of fantasy. Last night around 100 people, organised by the Read More