Monthly Archives: December, 2007

Greens support cross-harbour public transport tunnel

Auckland Green Party MP Keith Locke supports a public transport tunnel in any future Waitemata harbour crossing.

Support for Amnesty’s concern over Afghan prisoners

Green Party MP Keith Locke has supported Amnesty International's call for a moratorium on New Zealand forces handing over any prisoners to Afghan authorities.

Government, not police, should make Taser decision

Green MP Keith Locke has written to the Prime Minister urging the Government, not the police, to make the decision over whether Tasers should be brought into the police armoury.

Fiji boy-scouts shouldn’t be blamed for parent’s crimes

Green Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke has expressed surprise at reports that our High Commission in Suva had tried to stop 10 Fijian boy-scouts from entering the country to attend a Scout Jamboree in Christchurch.