Monthly Archives: November, 2005

Electronic chip not just about passport security

Internal Affairs Minister Rick Barker's claim that the new 'e-passport' is mainly being introduced to enhance the security of the document is being disputed by Green Party Human Rights Spokesperson Keith Locke.

Parliamentary Tribute to Rod Donald (Keith)

Yesterday I spent some time in Christchurch with my dear friend Rod in his beautiful home, and spent some time with his lovely wife and his daughters. It was just so sad, looking at Rod, so still a

Address in Reply Debate (Keith)

This afternoon I joined New Zealand unionists outside the Australian High Commission to express the solidarity of the Green Party with those in Australia resisting the repressive anti-union legislatio

Govt must resist UK call to send new troops to Afghanistan

New Zealand should rebuff British overtures to send a new counter-insurgency combat force to Afghanistan, Green Party Defence Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

Locke welcomes end of SAS Afghan mission

Green Party Defence Spokesperson Keith Locke welcomes the return today from Afghanistan of New Zealand's SAS contingent, but hopes it will be the last such deployment.

Stop targeting Muslims at the border – Locke

The Immigration Service must stop targeting Muslim New Zealanders when they return to the country, Green Party Immigration Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

Airlines should be more down to earth

Air New Zealand and Qantas are wrong to ban men from sitting alongside unaccompanied children on their planes, Green Party Human Rights Spokesperson Keith Locke says.