Monthly Archives: August, 1999

Jobs lost to Australia as Defence Force contracts out Clothing

The Defence Force plans to axe its Defence Clothing Agency and give the work to Australian firm Yakka, the Green Party has revealed.

Greens Reject Bradford’s Reply on Defence Clothing Contract

The Green Party has rejected Max Bradford's response over the letting of the Defence clothing contract to an Australian firm Yakka.

Greens Oppose Censorship of Anti-Apec City Councillor

Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke has criticised the censorship of an anti-APEC article in Auckland City's weekly newsletter, City Scene.

McKinnon asked not to withdraw kiwi police from East Timor

The Green Party has asked Foreign Affairs Minister Don McKinnon not to withdraw ten Kiwi police officers from East Timor to beef up security at APEC.

Defence Report doesn’t go far enough, say Greens

Changes to the armed forces advocated by the Defence Select Committee don't go far enough, the Green Party says.